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Sheep Milk Products:


Natural Yoghurt

A fresh, creamy yoghurt which is additive free. 

380gm or 500gm containers.


Honey Yoghurt

Honey Yoghurt

Fresh and creamy with a slight honey flavour.  We use our own honey base (when available) or local honey sources.

380gm or 500gm containers.




Made from a natural yoghurt base, our Middle Eastern inspired labneh is creamy, flavoursome and compliments a broad range of foods.  We also make a spiced labneh – the perfect product to boost the flavour of curries, wraps, roasted vegetables or spread across some sliced pear. 
The Natural Labneh won a gold medal at the 2016 Perth Royal Show.
Natural and spiced labneh come in 150gm and 200gm containers



A clean, flavoursome and typically squeaky cheese in either a plain or mint infused style.

The halloumi has been a regular medal winner at the Perth Royal Show and features on local restaurant menus.

Plain and Mint.




Served in a natural brine, our feta has the right balance of acidity, salt and flavour.  A soft styled feta which is beautiful in salads, spread over bruschetta, tossed with roasted vegetables or enjoyed straight from the pack.

Marniated Feta

Marinated Feta

Infused with Italian Herbs or Chilli, our marinated feta will delight the taste buds.  The marinate doesn’t over power the taste of the cheese, rather it provides a subtle flavour to complement the cheese.

Persian Feta

Persian Feta

Our Persian Feta is a creamy, soft curd marinated in a combination of fresh rosemary, garlic and lemon along with dried thyme, coriander and peppercorns.

One of our most popular cheeses, the Persian Feta is a great opportunity to spoil yourself!



Manchego is a traditional Spanish style of sheep cheese.  Manchego has a nutty, caramel flavour that gets richer with age.  Typically aged 3 months before it’s ready for sale.


Millinup Gold


Gouda is one of Holland’s traditional cheeses.  Typically made from cows milk, we make a special sheep milk version to reflect the Dutch breeds of sheep in our dairy. 
A very creamy style which develops a strong Gouda flavour with age.
Our clever 2016 Gouda won its category at the 2016 Perth Royal Show.


Caerphilly is a traditional Welsh style of cheddar.  Our Caerphilly contains some subtle cheddar flavours along with sweet, slightly fermented flavours.  A popular cheese, it’s best friend from the pantry is a fig paste or a fruit chutney and some walnuts.

Millinup Gold

Millinup Gold

Our romano style hard cheese has been aged for 24 months and has developed lovely, rich flavours coupled with a dry texture.  Perfect on pasta, in a risotto or grated through a minestrone soup.  Memorable cut up into fine cubes and enjoyed with a glass of red wine as well!

Buffalo Products:

Coming online as soon as we can convince the buffalo they want to be milked...


Bee Products:

Golden rich honey available seasonally in 300gm containers.


Our Retail Outlets:

To find our cheese click here!


  • Mt Melville Fresh, 153 Albany Highway (opposite Officeworks).  Home of the best muffins in Albany.
  • Albany Farmers Market, Collie Street.  Open every Saturday from 8am – 12.00pm.  Come and meet us and sample some of our delights.


  • Porongurup Shop and Tearooms, 1972 Porongurup Road.  A beautiful setting amongst the tall trees and some great treasures can be found throughout their shop.


  • The Boatshed Market, 40 Jarrad Street, Cottesloe.  Impossible to get through the shop without drooling and imaging all the amazing food you could make with their fresh ingredients.  The Boatshed Market stocks our fresh milk, yoghurts, labneh and range of fetas.
  • The Little Cheese Shop, 89C Whatley Crescent, Bayswater.  The Little Cheese Shop is the ultimate destination to find the world’s most exciting cheeses.  And some of ours!  Geoff and Emma Hodder are lovely and often supply our Gouda, Caerphilly, Persian Feta and other specialty lines.

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