Our Buffalo

We have a small herd of Riverine Buffalo, which is a milking breed of buffalo.  They are smaller than the swamp buffalo found in the north of Australia and quiet to handle.  We still have a bit of work to go to convince the girls that milking is a good idea, but I’m sure that with some tender loving care and more importantly, some yummy buffalo food, they’ll come around.


The Buffs just love their dam in the summer time.  We call them ‘Dam Crocodiles’ – all you see is a snout and the tip of their horns sticking out of the water.  They get very upset if you lock them out of the dam paddock and have been known to open a few gates to ensure they can get to their favourite water park.

Our Buffs consist of Molly, Rivvy, Moose, Zippy and We Must Name Her, along with some new 2016 calves.  We also have a bull called The Boy and a bull calf who goes by the name of The Other Boy. 

We have bought our buffalo dairy and need to build a shed and fit it out.  This is our 2017 project.  All going well we will have a range of fresh bocconcini, mozzarella and other buffalo cheeses to add to our sheep cheese range.

Having a pat

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